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News and curiosities about Sicily and its food

By Emilia Attianese, Mar 19 2016 06:14PM

First of all, welcome to my new blog. I hope you will find interesting news and information about Sicily and its marvellous food!

I am starting today, which is St. Joseph, or San Giuseppe. In Italy, this is also Father's Day, and in Sicily the traditional dish is the SFINCE!

"Sfince" is impossible to translate, even into Italian! This is a sponge-like puff, filled with ricotta cream and guarnished with grated pistachios, candied fruit, chocolate chips. Its full name is "sfince di San Giuseppe", as it was once only prepared on the 19th of March. Today you can find it all year around in all bars in Palermo.

The recipe is not difficult, but the preparation requires frying each one of them for approx. 10 minutes, during which time the small ball of dough will grow and "pop-out", becoming up to four times the original size.

Do you want to know the recipe? Please, let me know!

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