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All food is made to order, so I need some days notice to get the ingredients and prepare it. I would ask you to get in touch with me as soon as you can -- usually a couple of days for small orders, more for larger quantities


To place an order you can alternatively do it online paying with PayPal or sending me an e-mail  telling me what you need for payment at collection



In addition to the dishes presented here, I can prepare other pasta recipes upon request, and I expect to soon add them to the site as well. Amongst other, I can expressely prepare most of these dishes using gluten-free ingredients



Whenever possible, I use original Sicilian ingredients, such as the "Anelletti" type of pasta used for the "pasta al forno", or the ricotta of sheep milk, imported from either Sicily or Sardinia. At times, when such ingredients are not available, other close substitutes might be used, such as cow's milk ricotta or other types of pasta



I use an external service (Shutl) for deliveries, at an additional cost depending on distance. Please write me to get a quote of the delivery cost for your order.



You can either pay with Paypal, credit card, or with cash directly when picking up the food